Case Study

Client: The Forstadt Agency

Completed: Branding, Customer Journey, Web Design, & Systemization

ABOUT THE CLIENT: Full service creative agency that specializes in organic growth across social media platforms. They create strategies to engage and attract users. The Forstadt agency takes care of the production aspects for content creation so that their clients can have a stress-free creation process. They’ll also manage the platforms so that an optimum content calendar is followed and user are engaged with in real time. When client’s are looking for even more growth, The Forstadt Agency will also handle marketing and advertising campaigns for the users to complete various objectives.


  • Complete Brand Overhaul
  • Customer Journey Defined
  • Website Design & Building
  • Building Funnel Automation for Customer Journey
  • Set up Customer Survey to Help identify audience
  • Business Consulting on Systemization for Operations


  • Branding completed in 4 weeks
  • Customer Journey completed in 8 weeks
  • Website Design/Building, Funnels, & Automations completed in 13 weeks
  • Business Operations/System Setup completed in 6 weeks

End Users

  • Corporations
  • Entrepreneurs / Small Business Owners


Business Issue

Non-converting website, lack of brand consistency, no brand persona, lack of clarity on end users, no user data or audience to survey


Define brand, customer journey, and position brand as the solution to the customer’s problem for high conversion. Set up a system to capture leads, and survey audience to further refine audience insights.


More cohesive brand, with an established personality. Clear customer paths and necessary products created for each part of the path. Client is set up to begin collecting data on users through analytics, and surveys to further refine user experience. 

Customer Journey

The Brand Script

Using the Story Brand frame-work and my custom worksheet, the client and I defined the seven core elements for an effective & high converting narrative. The Brand Script informs the copywriting for the entire website since it defines:

  • Who the end user is likely to be
  • What they need/want, by identifying their problems
  • The objections the avatar has
  • How the company can overcome those objections
  • The customer journey flow
  • What they stand to lose by not doing business with the client
  • What they stand to gain
  • The transformation they hope to experience and
  • How the client serves that customer.

Customer Personas

The next part in the process is to get clearer about potential user personas. The client and I analyzed the existing customer based to define their customer personas. Understanding the persona is important because it helps establish if the avatar will be on different paths, as well as some of the nuanced ways that would better speak to them (such as with imagery). 

After analyzing the customer base, we concluded that there are currently two user personas. One that is a bit more established and another that would have a smaller business. The smaller business would perhaps be looking for a slightly longer customer path to acquire more trust (unless they were referral-based). 

The Corporation

Established business that has a marketing team. Social media channels are already established. They are looking to engage audience in a new way so that they can accomplish the growth that they are after.​

The Entrepreneur

Either a startup or a small business. They typically do not have social media channels set up and/or that are being consistently ran.​

Customer Path

Once the customer personas are established, the path that they take can also be established. In this client’s case, all customers would ideally follow the same path once they reached “book a call”.

Brand Development


Discussing the client’s vision for the company, and why they care so much about serving their clients is a great way to get a handle on the essence of a brand. This essence needs to be conveyed through the brand voice, the way that images look, the typography, and even the logos that are going to represent the brand.


Brand Colors

The color palette was established to further visualize the brand identity namely its essence of being established, smart, and refreshing.


Products Created

Once the brand was visually established then I was able to create branded products that are essential components to the customer experience & journey.

The products included:

  • Online Quiz (for funnel entry)
  • Educational PDF (micro conversion in funnel)
  • Online customer survey (part of UX)
  • Custom emails for nurture sequence
  • Initial Questionnaire
  • Collaboration Price Sheet
  • Proposal
  • Pitch Deck
  • Strategy Deck

Website Design

Where UI & UX Meet


Wireframes were used to ensure a smooth content flow, and that all necessary items are included & accounted for. Such as services and the main CTA.

High Fidelity Mock Ups


This client required high fidelity prototypes for the website. I chose to create a staging website (vs. Figma prototyping), with limited site mapping, due to the fact that I am also the developer in this case. I built page by page, as well as by version (starting with desktop first but ensuring a mobile-first interface). Discussed the prototyped page and any change requests, at the completion of the page.


Business Operations

Established customer flow and the required documents/processes at each step of the flow.

On-boarded team via Zoom Presentations.

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